ARIEL is a pioneer in producing award winning de-alcoholized wines. Since the first commercial production in 1985, ARIEL has gained recognition from the world's leading wine critics and connoisseurs alike when their ARIEL Blanc wine was awarded the Gold Medal at the Los Angeles County Fair in 1986 in a blind tasting against wines with alcohol. Before this recognition, non-alcoholic wines were said to not have the same quality as alcoholic wines. However, ARIEL proved this notion untrue, and since then, they have gone on to win acclaim and numerous awards in competitions against alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines throughout the world.


ARIEL is a pioneer in the production of super and ultra premium non-alcoholic wines. The wine world took notice when our ARIEL Blanc won a Gold Medal against wines with alcohol. Since that historic event, ARIEL wines have been judged in eight professional wine competitions to be superior to wines with alcohol.


Why non-alcoholic wine?
There are many occasions when people want to enjoy the taste and experience the ritual of fine wine, but do not want the alcohol.

Does it really taste like wine?
Yes. We make ARIEL from some of the best premium grapes grown in California, including cabernet from the Napa Valley and many other varietals from Sonoma, Paso Robles, Monterey and the Delta. Even the sparkling wine is made from chardonnay and pinot blanc grapes - the traditional grapes of the finest champagnes. Some of the wines are aged in small oak barrels and all are fined and filtered according to the best traditional methods. Then, just before bottling the wine, we filter out the alcohol from the wine.

Why are ARIEL non-alcoholic wines considered the World's Best?
ARIEL is the only gold medal winner against wines with alcohol. In 1986, professional judges at the Los Angeles County Fair awarded ARIEL Blanc a gold medal against wine with alcohol. This category consisted of several table wines, including a well-known chardonnay from the central coast region of California. ARIEL non-alcoholic wines have won 8 medals against wines with alcohol in blind tastings conducted by professional judges. ARIEL is currently the recognized leader in non-alcoholic wines in 22 countries.

What is non-alcoholic wine?
Non-alcoholic wines are distinctly different from grape juices and other non-alcoholic beverages. ARIEL makes wine with alcohol from premium varietal grapes, ferments them to dryness, then removes the alcohol through a cold filtration process. This allows the consumer to enjoy the pleasure and nuances of a fermented beverage without the alcohol.

Why is ARIEL's cold filtration process important?
All other processes of alcohol removal, including the spinning cone method, require some form of heat evaporative process in order to remove the alcohol. Heat damages the natural flavor of the grape. Only the ARIEL process is done cold, usually less than 55 degrees Farenheit. The resultant wine is never heated and therefore retains all of the natural flavor of the grapes.

Do ARIEL wines contain any alcohol?
It is physically impossible to remove 100% of the alcohol from a fermented beverage. The legal definition of a non-alcoholic beverage requires a product to contain less than 1/2 of 1% of alcohol. ARIEL non-alcoholic wines contain less alcohol than most fresh squeezed orange juice!

When is ARIEL enjoyed?
ARIEL is enjoyed with any meal, at any time; wedding receptions, company parties, wedding and baby showers, business lunches, proms, parties with friends, celebrations, brunches, banquets, at home or dining out.

Can recovering alcoholics drink ARIEL?
This is a very personal issue for recovering alcoholics. It is ARIEL's position to leave this decision to the individual.

Can diabetics drink ARIEL?
Yes, but we recommend that you check with your physician if you are not sure. ARIEL was included in the New Products Fair of 1989 for the American Diabetic Association. Click here to view health benefits

Does ARIEL make any wines with alcohol?
No. ARIEL is devoted to producing the "World's Best" non-alcoholic wines.

Where can I find ARIEL in my area?
ARIEL is found at fine wine shops, restaurants, and grocery stores nationwide. If you cannot find our premium wines at your local retailer, ask for ARIEL by name.



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